One of the first things that every cook must learn to do is how to bake chicken. Everyone has their own version of this dish and having your own recipe or two in your arsenal will definitely impress your friends and family. Compared to other kinds of protein, it is the easiest to work with. However, most people commit common mistakes that lead to rubbery, tasteless, or dry chicken. Here are the steps to baking chicken like a professional chef.


Choosing A Bird

How To Bake ChickenFor choosing a chicken to roast, bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better. Remember that the larger the bird is, the longer it has to stay in the oven. Baking it for a long period of time can dry out parts of the chicken, especially the parts that have white meat. The trick to serving chicken to a number of people is to buy smaller chickens rather than buying a big one to serve a number of guests. Younger, smaller chickens have tender meat and cook quicker in the oven. Because they are smaller and cook faster, they are less likely to dry out in the oven.


How To Bake Chicken From The Freezer

Ever tried cutting into a bloody piece of chicken? The worst thing a host can do is serve his guests a badly cooked chicken. This is a result of a rookie mistake that can easily be avoided. Bloody chicken is caused by improper thawing. Chicken that is cooked straight from the freezer is more likely to be bloody and have darkened meat. To avoid this, chicken must be thawed in advance before preparing it for the oven. Chicken that has been prepared in a marinade in the refrigerator is less likely to cause this problem since the meat has had time to defrost.


How To Bake Chicken Without Drying It Out

How To Bake ChickenServing rubbery and tasteless chicken is as bad as serving undercooked chicken. This happens when the bird is baked for a long time at the wrong temperature. The key to cooking all of the parts evenly is starting out at a high temperature and lowering it after 10 minutes. This way, the skin can get a nice color and texture while the meat gets to cook at medium high temperature without drying out. If you can’t avoid cooking larger poultry, make sure to baste it every 20 minutes or if you notice it becoming dry. For cut chicken pieces, cover it with foil for the first 20 minutes in the oven to keep the moisture in and remove to crisp up the skin.


Serving Baked Chicken To Guests

After slaving all day for a wonderful meal, the last thing anyone would want to do is serve the chicken the wrong way. After taking the bird out of the oven, cover it with foil and let it rest for the juices to redistribute. Cutting into the bird immediately will cause all the juice to run out and waste all the effort of keeping the flavour and moisture in. By the end of the meal, your guests will surely be the one to ask you how to bake chicken.