As much as finding out how to bake chicken is important, knowing what tools to use is key to making the perfect roast dinner. Having the right tools makes a better cook. The other half of the battle is in knowing how to use these tools to your advantage.


How To Bake Chicken In Different Types Of Ovens

How To Bake ChickenWith today’s technology, several types of ovens have been developed to fit the lifestyle and needs of the modern cook. Every oven is different in terms of speed in heating up and distribution of heat. Being familiar with your oven is essential in knowing the right temperature and setting for cooking poultry. For regular gas and electric ovens, the rule of thumb is to bake the chicken for 20 minutes for every pound plus an additional 20 minutes.

People who live in apartments or dorms may not have an electric or gas oven. It is usual for these homes to have a convection oven instead. These ovens are smaller and heat up quicker than regular sized ovens. Take those things in consideration when baking a chicken. Because the source of heat is closer to the meat, it will also be better to cover the chicken first with foil and removing it 10 minutes before the timer goes off to give the chicken a nice color. When cooking with a convection oven, remember to bake for 15 minutes per pound of chicken.


Roasting Rack Tricks

Investing in a roasting rack may not immediately cross your mind while buying kitchen supplies but it is a cheap investment that will result in better roasted dinners for a long time. Although it is perfectly fine to cook chicken straight on the roasting pan, having a rack hold it makes a huge difference in terms of looks and flavour. Ever had roast chicken that’s nice and gold on one side and pale on the other? You can avoid that by lifting the bird off the pan and letting the heat cook the other side evenly. This will also let the fat drip away from the chicken so the skin can get crispy.


How To Bake Chicken At The Right Temperature

How To Bake ChickenWhile our mothers and grandmothers can tell if a bird is cooked just by looking at it, there is no shame in getting a little help from science and using a meat thermometer to determine if the meat is cooked. Whole chickens should be cooked at at least 350 degrees. To determine if it’s cooked, the thickest part of the meat should register at 185 degress. By doing this, the risk of salmonella and bacteria being present is eliminated.


Carving Like A Pro

Whether you’re planning to carve your chicken at the table or before serving guests, slicing it perfectly using the right tool is important. If you don’t plan on buying an entire knife set, an 8 inch knife would be enough for carving all kinds of meat. Avoid using serrated or scalloped knives. With these tools, you’ll be on the right path in knowing how to bake chicken perfectly.